Inheritance diagram of pvfunction
class caproto.server.pvfunction(func=None, default=None, names=None, alarm_group=None, prefix=None, macros=None, attr_separator=None, doc=None)[source]

A descriptor for making an RPC-like function.

Note: Requires Python type hinting for all arguments to the function and its return value. These are used to generate the PVs.

It’s worth noting that this is not particularly very useful when multiple clients are accessing the same IOC, which is rather the point of EPICS, isn’t it? That being said, this reflects an intended API for when future pvAccess support gets added.

funcasync callable, optional

The function to wrap

defaultany, optional

Default value for the return value

namesdict, optional

Valid keys include {‘process’, ‘retval’, ‘status’} and also any function argument names. This will map attributes of the dynamically-generated PVGroup that this pvfunction represents to EPICS PV names.

alarm_groupstr, optional

The alarm group name this group should be associated with

prefixstr, optional

The prefix for all PVs

macrosdict, optional

Macro dictionary for PVs

attr_separatorstr, optional

String separator between {prefix} and {attribute} for generated PV names.

docstr, optional




pvspec_from_parameter(param[, doc])




Property handling either group dict or group class


The group attribute dictionary