caproto.server.template_arg_parser(*, desc: str, default_prefix: str, argv: List[str] | None = None, macros: Dict[str, str] | None = None, supported_async_libs: List[str] | None = None) Tuple[ArgumentParser, Callable][source]

Construct a template arg parser for starting up an IOC


Human-friendly description of what that IOC does

argslist, optional

Defaults to sys.argv

macrosdict, optional

Maps macro names to default value (string) or None (indicating that this macro parameter is required).

supported_async_libslist, optional

“White list” of supported server implementations. The first one will be the default. If None specified, the parser will accept all of the (hard-coded) choices.

split_argscallable[argparse.Namespace, Tuple[dict, dict]]

A helper function to extract and split the ‘standard’ CL arguments. This function sets the logging level and returns the kwargs for constructing the IOC and for the launching the server.